MMS Shredding

Date:    Saturday October 27th, 2018
Time:   10am to 2pm
by donation
(suggested minimum $5 per box or bag)
Where:  Magee Parking Lot - 6360 Maple Street, Vancouver

How does it work? Simple!

shredwise truckBring your document paper for shredding to Magee Secondary (South Driveway).  Drop it off with a donation to Magee Music Society!  Watch your documents disappear as they are shredded on the spot in the Shred-Wise mobile shredding truck parked there!  We even provide car service - we are happy to unload for you!



Need Gift Cards?

Do you use gift cards - for favourite teachers, friends or as a thank-you for your favourite service provider? You could pick up gift cards to cover the groceries or gas you will purchase anyway... Why not get them through us? Then some of the money you will spend anyway will come back to the school to support the music department and your favourite music student!

Download the Gift Cards XLS Order Form (or the PDF version here) and send it in to Mr. Quan or Mr. Haas with your cheque (payable to Magee Music Society).

QSP Magazine Subscriptions

qspRenew your current subscriptions or purchase new ones - Magee benefits from approximately $10 per magazine. 

Online sales can be made all year long!

(37% profit). Canadian addresses only please. Order Online at with group #3740610  - student travel credits applied only with student name attached to order.